Roadmap 2022

Updated development plans for the the year

New Road for Hummingbird (HMNG) Finance and NestSwap (NS)

Q1 ✅January, released Hummingbird Finance Crypto Wallet on Android. ✅Engaged new doxed CEO ✅Expanded the team. ✅CEX listing for HEGG – March, DigiFinex. ✅New developer partnership with Metalandz protect. ✅New pool partnerships plan ✅Updated Coinmarketcap data for HMNG and HEGG. ✅Regular AMAs booked. ✅Community development. ✅Increased community engagement.


  • Release NFT’s hummingbird artifacts collection (for P2E).

  • Develop NFT marketplace(NS).

  • Add NFT staking (NS).

  • Add LP pool staking (NS).

  • Commence Android Crypto wallet V2 app development.

  • Apply for Twitter blue tick verification (HMNG).

  • Update Coingecko data for HEGG.

  • Launch NFT marketplace (NS).

  • Upgrade the lottery mechanics on NestSwap (1 draw per week).

  • Develop new use cases for HMNG.


  • Consultation, should HMNG token be revamped to a V2?

  • Release mystery box NFTs.

  • New website for Hummingbird Finance, becomes a launchpad for new projects.


  • Play 2 Earn game development.

  • Release P2E Beta.

  • Release P2E PC.

  • Add user accounts to the marketplace to display user's NFTs.


  • Release HMNG V2 Crypto wallet Android.

  • Plat 2 Earn game Mobile.

  • Release HMNG V2 wallet iOS.

  • Note: The roadmap is fluid and may be edited and upgraded with new opportunities not yet known.

Exchanges are ongoing discussions with the team

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