How It Works

Without an Orderbook, you might be wondering how trades typically happen without a third party taking your trade. This is the power of an AMM and part of our project.

AMMs are a financial tools unique to decentralized finance and allow frictionless trading without the need of buyer and seller. AMMs keep a decentralized exchanged liquidity 24/7 via liquidity pools. This innovative method of exchanging assets combines what crypto, and blockchain technology in general, stands for: decentralized, backed by smart contracts, transparent and open to anyone in participation and building new solutions.

We work with a model that traditionally involves private liquidity providers creating liquidity pools. This model provides a proper decentralized pricing mechanism that works fast, efficiently and predictably. By eagerly participating and providing liquidity our users are able to earn HEGG and benefit tremendously from our De-Fi protocols.

Supply & Minting

If you are a liquidity provider in PancakeSwap pools or you are however looking for the ideal platform to invest and earn, we propose you have a look at our token protocol. We have intentionally designed the token distribution mechanics in such a way that it is super straightforward and adaptable for the existing PancakeSwap and other compatible liquidity providers to migrate to our protocol.

Some number of HEGG Tokens per block will be distributed in accordance with the smart contract, and greatly benefit the liquidity providers of the supported pool.

Better Rewards Distribution

HEGG is NestSwap’s native token. When you contribute to the liquidity pool and stay there for longer, you earn the tokens. A minor portion of each HEGG distribution will be set aside for potential future setbacks and implementation of governance proposals.

Security & Migrator Code

NestSwap has devised strategies to ensure project sustainability and project security.

We believe in the security of our users and their assets, and we aim to work hard towards eliminating any potential threats and risks.

If you have any constructive suggestions or face any issues with it, please let us know privately via Twitter or Telegram. We are responsive to valuable suggestions and will gladly offer help.

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