Greatly beneficial earnings can come true on NestSwap Farms! In this article you will find out useful information about farming with all the details and examples.

What Is Farming on NestSwap?

To begin with, Farming is a passive income opportunity that allows you to multiply crypto with high APYs by providing liquidity to a chosen pair of tokens.

Once you have provided the liquidity on NestSwap you get LP tokens which can be later staked to Enable Farm and bring you HEGG rewards. Let’s dive into details and see the examples.

Provide Liquidity, Stake LP tokens & Earn $HEGG

Now, we will go over the step-by-step guide with the screenshots so you can gain a better understanding of farming on NestSwap. i will be using HEGG-BNB Farming Pair.

As you noticed there are two tokens in a farming pair. In order to enable any farming pair on NestSwap, you need to have LP tokens that could be obtained via liquidity provision on the platform.

The liquidity needs to be provided for two tokens in a farming pair that you wish to start, let’s say it is HEGG-BNB:

  1. Head to Farms on NestSwap

  2. Find HEGG-BNB Farming Pair and click the Get LP button

    You will be automatically transferred to the Liquidity page on NestSwap where you can provide liquidity for HEGG-BNB tokens in the farming pair

  3. Enter the equivalent amount of each token from the farming pair and click the Enable HEGG button

  4. Once you have Enabled HEGG click the Supply button

  5. Next, you need to press the Confirm Supply button

Congratulations! 🎉

And you can now stake your LP tokens in the HEGG-BNB Farming Pair to earn $HEGG for free.

  1. Click Stake LP tokens under HEGG-BNB Farming pair to Enable HEGG-BNB Farming Pair and start earning $HEGG tokens in return

Awesome! Your Farm is activated on NestSwap! You have just started a lucrative HEGG passive income.

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