NestSwap: Offer staking pools to your loyal community with rewards in your token

Staking pools and farms are a safe way for holders to earn passive income. Great for project owners too as gives exposure to multiple channels!


  • New holders to your project, no risk to them.

  • New holders to market your project to through mutual promotion.

  • Farms create added stability to your token's liquidity and less price impact when trading.

  • Your token can be traded on our swap — (easier to use and faster than PCS).

  • Exposure to over 100k telegram members, 17k Twitter followers and 1.1k Facebook fans.

  • Access to our groups for cross promotion of pools.

  • Support from our mods in your group for pools related questions.

  • AMA with our CEO in our main group and if wanted an AMA in your group.

  • Network with current or past partners.

Hummingbird Finance owns and operates NestSwap. It's token is $HMNG and the governance token of NestSwap is $HEGG. HMNG has 105k+ holders* and HEGG has 3.1k+ holders*. (*25th March,2022).


How to get a pool? You supply $5,000 value in your token and choose a pool option, then we create a staking pool on our NestSwap platform.

Option 1. 30 day pool; HEGG / YOURTOKEN $2.5k; HMNG / YOURTOKEN $2.5k; Benefit: exposure to more holders. Option 2. 60 day pool HEGG / YOURTOKEN $5k; Benefit: longer pool. Holders are not locked in and can enter, harvest and withdraw at any time. Higher amount can be given for higher APY or longer pools. If your contract allows you can whitelist it so no token tax (if token has tax).


Bolster your liquidity and support your community, leading to more long term holders. YOURTOKEN + BNB, rewards in HEGG. Holders match your token with an equal amount of BNB in a farm, earning passive income. Creates loyalty and long term token stability.

Farm only - fee 2.5 BNB. With a pool - fee 1.5 BNB Farm Duration: life of your project.

You can apply for partnership by filling out this form.

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